Heart count survey

A healthy family is always seeking to know each other better.  To be the best church family we can be, the Jarvis Memorial staff desires to connect with all of our members and visitors, young and old, near and far.  This "Heart Count" will help us correct and update information about you and your family as we move forward together.  This information will only be used for church purposes.  We are asking everyone to complete this by February 28.

manna bag ministry begins!

Manna bags are small bags that focus on immediate food needs for someone. A gallon zip lock bag will be filled with items and made available to the congregation to pick up and keep in their car for emergent needs. Filled bags will be in containers at the back of the sanctuary or TCLC after worship services. A sign on the containers will let people know what they are and encourage folks to take one or more.

We are asking everyone to drop any items that you collect for the manna bags when you come to the drive-through Imposition of Ashes on Ash Wednesday (February 17) at Noon in the church parking lot or the Ash Wednesday evening service at 7pm on February 17. Please see the list below for all requested items. Money and/or gift cards will also be needed to fill the bags. We will ask Jarvis children’s and youth ministries to make handmade prayer cards or statements and drawings of encouragement/God’s love to go in each bag as well.

Items needed:
·       Boxes of gallon zip lock bags (sturdy brands).
·       Items such as individual tuna & crackers or chicken salad & crackers, jerky sticks, processed cheese & crackers or peanut butter crackers are best.
·       Small pop top cans of protein and easily edible food (Beanie Weenies, Vienna Sausage, spaghetti & meatballs, etc.), fruit, and similar items work well also.
·       Food bars like Nature Valley, as well as extras like hard candy.
·       Avoid items that crumble easily or melt (chips, candy bars, etc.)
·       A small bottle of water will go in each bag also, along with a plastic fork/spoon and napkin.
·       Gift cards in small amounts ($5) to fast food restaurants are also welcome, as everyone needs to have the dignity of being able to purchase some of their own food occasionally.