Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

In Jarvis’ Children’s Ministry, our primary goal is to partner with parents as they teach their children to KNOW God. Our lessons, music, and crafts are designed to teach children who God is—His nature and attributes—and what He has done. Our goal is to produce a familiarity with God’s Word through careful explanation of its key themes. At Jarvis, we believe that God has made himself known through His creation, His Word, and His Son. We encourage kids to learn as much as they can about their awesome God by studying the Bible for themselves. In addition to knowing about God, we want kids to experience a personal relationship with God by trusting in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Our programs highlight the Gospel in a kid-friendly way without watering down its eternal truths.


Our programs center around careful Bible teaching, and we are always looking for new and creative ways to teach the timeless truths of God’s Word. From Preschool through Elementary, our programs are designed to give kids a foundational understanding of what the Bible says and how to apply it to their lives.
For children ages 4-12, we plan special activities during the school year and weekly activities during the week.

We have a very active "KidzLife" program, which includes children from Young Toddlers through 5th grade.
KidzLife meets on Wednesday evenings 6p-7p with dinner beforehand at 5:30p.

Children's Choir
Usually meets after Sunday School at 10:55. This is a great time to sing praises, learn new songs and have fun with your friends.
For boys and girls in Grades K and up.

Sunday School
We have a wide variety of classes for children of EVERY age (classes for parents too!). 10:00-10:55am.
We use The Gospel Project which is a Gospel Centered approach to learning about Jesus and it is a strong program.

Bible Academy
This is a wonderful program to teach our third graders about their very own Bible.
This 9 week program takes them through learning the books of the Bible, the history of the Bible, and how and why it is important to study their Bible.

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