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Safe Sanctuaries Statement of Purpose and Commitment

The 1996 General Conference of The United Methodist Church adopted a resolution aimed at reducing the risk of child abuse in the church.  The Safe Sanctuaries program has been created as a guideline for churches to follow to keep our children, students, vulnerable adults and leaders safe.
Jarvis Memorial UMC is committed to providing a safe and nurturing church home, in which our children, students and adults can experience God’s love and grow in their Christian faith.  As members of the Body of Christ we all share in this responsibility and we further commit to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ so that each person will be “surrounded by steadfast love…established in the faith, and confirmed and strengthened in the way that leads to life eternal” (Baptismal Covenant II, United Methodist Hymnal, p. 44).  To this end, anyone who is concerned about the physical or emotional safety of a child or student in our congregation, or any student who believes they have been harmed, is encouraged to report the incident so that we may fulfill our commitment to maintaining a Safe Sanctuary.

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Safe Sanctuaries reviewed Jan 2024 by Kuda Kagura Associate Pastor of Children and Youth ministries
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